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Welcome to Our 26th Season

  • June 3 – 4: Diva Divine @ the Tempe Center for the Arts
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Our 26th season explores the social justice issues facing our community. As a proud, out, and a united LGBT community, we have made great strides in Phoenix, Arizona, and nationwide. Hearts and minds are warming to our community. The world at large is moving from tolerance to acceptance. We are demonstrating through our voice and our song that as a united community we are as strong as we are diverse.

However, we know our job is not yet done. We still face unashamed and unfiltered bigotry from civic and community leaders, businesses, and many others. As far as we’ve come, the horrific events at Pulse have shown us that ours is not yet a culture that is truly safe to live proudly as LGBT individuals. We ask you to join us this season as we explore that importance of creating a safe place for all LGBT individuals to come out and live out with pride and dignity.

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