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“When I first moved to Phoenix, I really didn’t know anyone. Also, I really wanted to feel like I was making some type of difference in my community and in the lives of others. I wanted to be a part of something bigger than I, and I wanted to be able to see the results on some level and actually enjoy it. The mission of the chorus, the interactions I make with different members and seeing and hearing about the impact being apart of such an organization, as well as the enjoyment I get from being around people with similar goals and ideas makes it all worthwhile!” – Marcus Farrel, Tenor 2



“Why am I in Chorus? Well I was “discovered” while singing karaoke.  I was going through one of the worst times in my personal life and amazingly was asked to audition.  I have never sang in a chorus before so I was nervous at first but after receiving the invitation to join I was thrilled. I jumped at the chance and in doing so I have made amazing lifelong friends. Performed at amazing venues and events. To me The Phoenix Metropolitan Men’s Chorus is home. Something I look forward to attending and seeing friends together learning music and singing in unity and promoting our mission statement.  I invite anyone to come join us. I believe it will change your life.” – Alfred Cantu, Baritone



“I joined the chorus to make friends because I was new to Phoenix and didn’t know anyone. They welcomed me with open arms and now I have a community of people who have my back. I love this group of men!” – Scott Darby, Tenor 2



“I joined the chorus to join a family of people who have the same passion for music as me and to be a part of an organization that assists in making a positive change in people’s lives.” – Cameron Robinson, Tenor 2



“I joined PMMC because the organization has allowed me to be a musician again. I have made lifelong friendships and memories with other people who love making and sharing music as much as I do.” – William Arana, Bass and Governing Board Secretary



“I’ve been a member of this chorus since 2008. Being a chorus member is a big commitment and lots of hard work, but commitment and hard work notwithstanding, if you like music and enjoy singing and performing, being a member can also be lots of fun. I wholeheartedly support our mission statement to Unite, Inspire, Educate, and Entertain. The most important work ever done in the chorus is not on behalf of the community at large but what the chorus provides for its members. The Phoenix Metropolitan Men’s Chorus is a safe place, a haven, a family.” – Marc McAllister, Tenor 2



“To find a meaningful social outlet with a real mission as their goal was my objective when searching for an organization to become a member. PMMC provided those needs as well as many opportunities to become involved and assist in accomplishing their goals, giving me a feeling of achievement. The friendships I have developed through this experience are invaluable, amazing group group of people. I feel fortunate to call myself a member of the Phoenix Metropolitan Men’s Chorus.” – Jim Ellison, Bass



“This organization is about more than just music. We are a family of friends who love and support one another in every capacity. We passionately stand in solidarity with our brother and sister organizations to affect change within our communities through the wonderful media of the performing arts. This is why I sing. I am so proud to be a member of the Phoenix Metropolitan Men’s Chorus.” – Capone Machuca, Tenor 1 In Denial